Expert Tips For Your New Cricket Bat

Don’t : 

  • Don't - expose your bat to extreme temperatures. Avoid leaving bat in the car or boot. This weakens the splice glue.
  • Don't – over-oil. A light coat of oil on the back (not the face) of the bat once per season is adequate.
  • Don't - stand the bat in oil.
  • Don't - allow your bat to become damp.
  • Don't - misuse or treat your bat carelessly.
  • Don't - allow others to use your bat. An abnormal shot could lead to unwanted damage.
  • Don't - use your bat against a bowling machine.


  Do : 

  • Do - store your bat in a dry atmosphere away from excessive heat or damp conditions.
  • Do - inspect your bat regularly for damage.
  • Do - look to time the ball when first getting use to the feel of the bat.
  • Do - look to control your bat speed until you feel comfortable.
  • Do - consider having your bat serviced once per season.

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